that her face at first just ghostly

Downloaded Semagic so I could update without having to open up IE. I think it’ll be easier to collate my thoughts with a little window sitting on my desktop all day.

(Oh, neat – it vanishes from the open programs bar when you minimize it)

The lock on the driver’s side of my car froze earlier this week. I can get the key about 3/4 of the way in but not far enough to engage all the tumblers and turn it. So I usually unlock the passenger’s side, reach across to unlock the driver’s side, then walk back around to open the door and get in. Considering the issues I’d been having with the driver’s side lock for a full year already – in warmer weather, even – I may take it to a mechanic in a week or two to get it looked at.

I devote so much space to my friends’ entertaining exploits because I hope they’ll do the same for me. My vanity’s pretty absolute. So it’s always a treat when, instead of recapping Monday (New Year’s Eve) and Wednesday (karaoke), I can just link to relevant entries. And a relevant pictures page. If this isn’t enough incentive to get out of the door more often, I don’t know what.

Other incentives: my frigid house. I bought two boxes of insulating plastic last night and taped up my bedroom window and two of the living room windows. Why only three? Many compelling reasons, thus: (1) it was quarter to eleven at night and I’d just been kicked in the midsection an hour earlier at jiu-jitsu; (2) I can’t cut in a straight line to save my life, or the life of anyone I care about, like a dear friend I need to perform an emergency appendectomy on in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; (3) I’m waiting to see if the cat screws with the sheets I’ve taped up so far. The room at least felt warmer once I finished.

The news tells me Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee cleaned up at the Iowa caucus last night. Obama’s the Democratic candidate I dislike the second-least, and Huckabee’s either tied for my thirdmost-hated Republican or fourth behind McCain, depending on what I’ve just read. So my only response is “… interesting,” with the casual stroke of the chin that that implies.


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