music and blasters and old jedi masters

Someone forwarded the following image to a mailing list I’m on through ImprovBoston:

… to which I responded:

The “Restore the Republic” byline makes me want to see a bunch of Star Wars themed stickers for other candidates.

“GIULIANI ’08: Fear Will Keep Them In Line. Fear Of This Battle Station.”

A bunch of others soon followed:

CLINTON ’08: Before the dark times, before the Empire.
OBAMA ’08: The dark side of the Force
HUCKABEE ’08: A strong influence on the weak-minded
ROMNEY ’08: Quite the mercenary. He doesn’t care about anything or anybody.
CHENEY ’08: He’s more machine than man now. Twisted and evil.
MCCAIN ’08: Aren’t You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?
EDWARDS ’08: Never Tell Me The Odds!
KUCINICH ’08: They’d Be Crazy To Follow Us, Wouldn’t They?
GRAVEL ’08: Who’s Scruffy-Looking?

Your turn.


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