I bet you drew a crowd

I don’t know why I expected Semagic to save three consecutive drafts as separate files, but I did. The long post I spent most of yesterday working on has since been et. That’ll teach me.

To sum up: my younger brother Kevin came up to visit this past weekend. He’d only been to Boston once before – when the family dropped me off at BC my freshman year, my dad blinking back tears in the lobby outside the McElroy bookstore – but had been promising to visit for a while.

Points of interest:

  • Kev’s ears didn’t fully decompress on the flight down, so his sinuses were still at about 2 atmospheres while we were chugging along at 1. Every now and then on the drive out of Logan he’d clutch the side of his head and swear briefly.
  • If you could get either of us to stand up straight, you could definitively say which of us were taller. But Kevin’s always slumping a little, just chilling straight back in the cut. Nothing to get worked up about. Conversely, I’m always slouching a bit, bending over to catch the conversations of shorter people, apologizing for my height. What was that? Sorry? At best you can say we’re of a height.
  • The Celtics game pre-show entertainment: a bunch of middle school kids playing half-court basketball. Seriously. Some of them had white T-shirts and some of them had green T-shirts and one poor kid, who clearly forgot the Very Important Instructions that his coach repeated, like, three times, huffed around in a red shirt.
  • The Celtics game itself: exciting. The Celtics were outhustled in the paint for the first half but came back strong, thanks to the lesser of two Allens. The addition of Garnett transformed the Celtics this season: he’s a phenomenal player and an incredible presence on the court. During warm-ups he went over and gave each of the Grizzlies a pound. Hey, how are you? Welcome to my home.
  • Special Celtics v. Grizzlies sub-highlights: making fun of Miller’s hobo haircut. Whenever Milicic makes a play, pumping your fist and swearing, “Darko!” Watching them lose to the best team in the NBA.
  • Kevin and I went to Razzy’s in Somerville afterwards, to hang out with Joanna, David C., Katie S., Trisha, Chris B., Tim H, Emma et al. He had water; I had two beers. We saw two drunk guys try “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” No matter what city in the world you’re in as you read this, if you’re asking, “oh hell, was it those same two guys?” the answer is “Yes.” Dave C. and I talked Ravens talk. Someone put popcorn in my beer.
  • Saturday Kevin got his first glimpse of the MBTA in action. We stood at the Somerville and Stone bus stop, waiting 15 minutes for a bus to slowly crawl through Union Square traffic. Then he watched as I determined, through a rigorous trial-and-error process that excluded all but the courtliest swears, that every CharlieCard machine at Central Square had at least one fatal error. We made it to Park Street intact, thankfully.
  • Walking tour of Boston included: Downtown Crossing, Chinatown, Boston Common, Back Bay. I pointed out things I recognized (“I used to work down there for three terrible months,” “I used to do improv here; now it’s a gay nightclub”; etc). Kevin wasn’t dressed very warmly but aside from advising him to buy a jacket or a hat or something I didn’t nag him too much.
  • Kevin didn’t feel like hitting up Will L’s birthday party, so we stayed in and watched football. A line judge got accidentally clotheslined during the SEA/WAS game. “So long as Ed Hochuli’s still okay,” I said, “I don’t care who else gets hit.”

    “Please,” Kevin said. “Hochuli would have just stuck his fist out. WHUMP.”

  • Sunday we had lunch at Flat Patties in Harvard Square. I then gave him a brief tour of a college I hadn’t attended. “There’s a library,” I said. “And I’m pretty sure that’s a science center.”

    “Cool,” he said.

And that’s the Kevin experience.


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