your circuit’s dead; there’s something wrong

(I put this one on the spike yesterday, not anticipating that other news would occur. But nobody wants to hear me talk about econ again, and all I have to add to the Oscars announcement is “I liked this movie; I didn’t like this one.” So: enter the pablum)

Some important updates:

Books: Fifty books in a year divided by 365 days to read them in gives me a ratio of 0.137. I started counting in December. January’s not quite over yet and I’m only at a ratio of 0.118. A book a week between now and the end of February would put me closer to that golden ratio (0.132), but not quite there. I’m not worried yet, but Steps may Have to be Taken.

TV: Thankfully, the writer’s strike persists, so I have fewer DVR’ed shows to watch. I’ve been rationing out The Shield and The Wire for as long as possible, like the precious drugs they are. After that, I have It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a little bit of Arrested Development to catch up on. So that’ll occupy me until the writers’ strike breaks and DVR starts paying for itself again.

Movies: I just downgraded my Netflix plan from 2 at a time, 4 per month to 1 at a time, 2 per month – half the movies at five/thirteenths the price. All of the above, plus the Internet, mean I don’t need DVDs being shoved into my brain like a fire hose every month. I barely have time to watch what I rent anymore, meaning I’m just paying Netflix $13 a month for the privilege of keeping my credit card info on file. So, to put it another way: I upgraded to the “Keep More Money and Watch The Same Number of Movies On Average” plan.

Video Games: My XBox has finally unlocked its five-year upgrade, going from “buggy” (occasionally ejects the tray) to “unusable” (repeatedly ejects the tray). This means no video games until I buy a 360. Given the media overload described above, however, this may not be for a while. Fortunately, 360 prices have been continuously trending downward (minus a brief spike on the launch date), so this plan only works in my favor.

RPGs: The last game I played was probably a pickup game of Randy’s; the last game I ran was 7th Sea (Lost Histories II). I’ve been feeling a bit of the jones lately but, given the media overload described above, I’m in no bleeding hurry to fill it.

Theater: Seeing a poster for Henry V last night reminded me that I live in (supposedly) one of the great fonts of culture on the East Coast. Why don’t I start taking in more theater? I’m not sure I specifically need to see H5: it’s in “The Basement at the Garage,” which I only know from its legendarily wretched men’s room. But there’s a reason I live in Boston as opposed to an equally expensive but warmer, more modern or less corrupt city, and I should start taking advantage.

Edit: oh, wait, right. Hey, who wants to see some Mamet?


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