the heat is on

Updated the default pic. There are some awesome promo stills on Marvel’s website of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony in a half-assembled exoskeleton. But I can’t turn them into the userpics I want. So I’m settling for merely phenomenal red and gold.

Saturday, MICHELLE BONCEK, Kristen and Anna reunited for Spinning Hardcore. Joanna, Brain, Grace, Mia, Bob and I showed up to cheer them on. (EDIT: Rachel V. showed up later, owing me ten thousand dollars [SHE KNOWS WHY]) Kristen and Anna have that unspoken chemistry which makes any improv group work – an instinctive give and take with each other that makes for really fun energy. Bob also performed with Lindsay G. Afterward, we retired to the Cantab, where Diane Blue and the Fatbacks wailed through a catalog of soul and funk standards. At one point I yanked everyone on to the floor and made them dance.

Did I mention I bought a Frequent Soaker package at Inman Oasis? Because I did. They have a special in January which makes it a pretty sweet deal. My next best source of intense heat is the sauna in Quincy. The trade-off is: $7 for 30 minutes in a communal hot tub (Inman) vs. $25 for 60 minutes in a private sauna (Quincy). I’m probably going to spend the rest of the morning figuring out what the discount rates of Privacy and Walking Distance are. Maybe I’ll publish a graph. Or maybe I’ll just go soak in a hot tub.


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