that’s why they call me mr. fahrenheit

It’s been an insanely productive weekend. In the last 48 hours, I have:

  • Wiped down the entire bathroom – shower, toilet, sink, the works;
  • Swept the kitchen (you wouldn’t notice; Tomas has restored the general dust and debris that I cleaned up);
  • Thrown out the recycling;
  • Listed several books for sale on Amazon;
  • Taken out the garbage;
  • Filed some outstanding paperwork;
  • Folded laundry that had been waiting to return to the drawers for about five days;
  • Did some more laundry – jiu-jitsu gi, bathrobe, sweatshirt and jeans that had gotten dusty in the ImprovBoston move;
  • Dropped some clothes off at the Salvation Army;
  • Gone grocery shopping;
  • Gone to the bank;
  • Gone to the doctor’s office;
  • Gone to MicroCenter – got a mousepad, monitor wipes and some DVD-Rs; and
  • Updated Livejournal.

Days like this don’t come cheap. But after another 1900-2000 words of writing I can call it a night.

* * *

I’ve found myself running a lot lately. Not for exercise – I can think of nothing more boring – but running in anticipation. When I went to karaoke on Wednesday and post jiu-jitsu drinks on Thursday, I found myself jogging lightly from my car to wherever I was headed. This either means that my long dormant alcoholism has finally started making decisions for me, or that I miss my friends.

I like writing and jiu-jitsu and all that; they’re rewarding enterprises. But I also like hanging out with cool people. I like seeing myself in photos and LJ entries. When I know I’m going to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while, I subconsciously hurry and I can’t slow down. Who knows what I’ve missed? I hate travel times and scheduling and conflicts – I just want to be there, doing this, right now.

So bear with me if I seem out of breath. It means I was eager to get there; take it as a compliment.


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