turn off your mind, relax and flow downstream

Saturday started off with jiu-jitsu in Natick. I appreciate the occasional Saturday workout because we drill things in the Advanced Instructors’ course that we never cover during regular class. Also, sitting in on the Instructors’ Certification class immediately afterward lets me review things that I really ought to know better. Like, how to keep from boring the people I teach.

I made the mistake of taking Route 9 homeward, so it took me an hour to get to my next stop: Inman Oasis. Cheryl S. was working behind the desk that night and took pity on my frazzled face. The community hot tub that I intended to use was a little full, so one of the staff ushered me to a private hot tub off to the side. She asked that I keep the door cracked in case someone else needed to use it as well, then left me to it. Nothing beats letting pulsing bubbles obliterate your thoughts, letting 103-degree water support your entire body weight, or taking an extra long time to towel off and apply exotic-smelling moisturizers (tea tree? eucalyptus? whatever, something good). That, plus two Bukowski hot dogs, will restore a man after anything.


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