your circuit’s dead; there’s something wrong

Let me tell you: Not Your Average Joe’s will smother you in the customer service experience. Both the hostess and the server last night asked if I’d been there before. “Yes,” I said, wondering what spiel a “No” would have provoked. NYAJ doesn’t serve family-style or buffet or anything like that. What’s the arcane process that I need to be walked through? So you’ll take my drink order then my food order? Madness.

Also, the server came by immediately after taking the drink order and dropped some cards for the “Not Your Average Joe’s E-mail Club” on the table. Apparently, I can sign up to get e-mail coupons. And a free sundae on my birthday. I appreciate the effort, but (A) seriously and (B) you drop customer feedback forms off when the conversation at the table’s dying out, not early in the meal. Look for people playing with their straws or checking their watches.

apparently gets a huge kick out of watching karaoke but not doing it, as this is the second time in recent memory he’s made karaoke a stopping point during a big personal event (his bachelor party being the other). I drank to his happy 30th while , , and sang some country and western classics. Eventually the rest of the usual crew showed up – and listing you name by name will only get me in trouble for forgetting someone, so nyah – and we sang while the rain streamed down. Highlights include: Aaron’s friend Leah rocking all over “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” covering “Here Comes Your Man” and a complete stranger belting her way through “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Mark and I did a duet of “Space Oddity,” to much applause.

I’m hungry. Let’s go get a taco.


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