can you hear me? can you hear me running?

New job’s likely to keep me busy for a few days. Until then, here’s a weekend media blow:

Life of Pi: It says something of my cynicism that my first reaction to this book’s explicitly mystical tone was, “Is this some kind of sick joke?” Seriously. I wasn’t sure whether we, the audience, were supposed to mock the teenager’s wide-eyed religious faith or pity it. That’s just me, though, and aside from that I found the rest of the book entertaining. It’s a clever little yarn that moves at a good clip and always hangs something in front of you to keep you occupied.

Body Heat: Smoldering and perfect. The cinematography suffers from some occasional “neat camera tricks,” but that’s a trifling complaint. Double Indemnity with the roles reversed three-quarters of the way through. One of these days I’ll have a “new noir” film festival; this’ll be in it.


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