now I’m looking for the sky to save me

Speaking only in the most general terms, work has been engaging. I’ve never engraved so many new wrinkles into my brain in such a short period of time. Most new job training that I’ve been on has involved rote repetition until I get a series of commands down and then being left to my own devices. Now, I’ve been given an entirely new nest of concepts to wrap my head around. Fascinating stuff, though a little daunting. I’m drinking from the firehose.

This week has picked up my internal clock and chucked it across the room. I went to the Beanpot on Monday, which meant I didn’t do any writing and didn’t get home until 11:30. I had the first stage of my black belt pre-test last night, meaning I worked out for three hours straight (at varying levels of intensity) and didn’t get home until 10:45. And I’m no longer driving to Quincy in the morning, so I’m breaking 4 years of habit in my morning routine. And it’s been bitter cold all week.

I apologize if I don’t see you tonight at karaoke. I’d like to make it out, really and truly, but I may just get home and lapse into a coma.


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