I fought the law and the law won

On Friday I braved the wintry mix to see Laugh Track in ImprovBoston’s new space. It’s brighter and more open by leaps and bounds than the old Inman Square black box. The lobby is actually a lobby, not a low-ceilinged deathtrap. The stage in the main theater is huge and sweeping. That being said, I think they need to do something about the seats – for the first time in probably fifteen years, I had trouble seeing over the heads of the people in front of me*. I understand, of course, that construction is still ongoing, so I wouldn’t hold this against the new venue.

The show itself was a blast, with Harry Gordon as special guest Attorney Joey Franks (“… Joey Franks”) stealing the show and running.

Since I didn’t go to the gym on Friday, I went all-out on Saturday, doing my usual odd-day routine (rows, pulldowns, lunges, crunches, punching bag) and topping it off with ten minutes of sauna. Then I watched Mel’s () 7th Sea game in Newton. I honestly don’t know what she was so nervous about – she’s GMing like a pro. She gets deeper into character quicker than I did and she always had something fun to throw at her players. She asked me to sit in as Nicklaus Trague (Eisenfurst of Freiburg and mentor to ‘s character of Logan Sieger), which I did gladly.

I lounged about and watched movies with the rest of my Saturday.

On Sunday I tried Veggie Planet in Harvard Square for the first time. It’s a brunch restaurant in the basement of Club Passim that looks like what you’d expect a Harvard vegetarian restaurant to look like – exposed brick, low ceilings, natty wood tables, lots of men with beards and women with piercings. I had an “open face grilled cheese” – essentially a cheese pizza – which was very tasty.

I had time to kill before Neutrino, so I drank a Guinness and read some Graham Greene in the Burren until Shannon and Jason () showed up. We talked about one of Neutrino’s long-term projects (more on that as the situation develops), drank more beer and had lunch. At Neutrino rehearsal proper, Dave S. divvied us up into teams for impromptu sketch-filming – filming a sketch, not an improvised scene, in 45 minutes. Manny, Jeff P., Pete F. and I did fairly well, coming up with a short subject on office gophers and impossible tasks.

Line of the evening: “Why would I ask you to kill Hernandez? I love Hernandez!”

Sunday evening merits its own post.

* And pity the poor people sitting behind me! Or laugh at them; your call.


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