end of work week, chillin’ on a saturday

I sat down and crunched some numbers last night and I’m pretty sure this past weekend was a good one on net.

Check for yourself:

+: I spent Friday evening in, watching Breach instead of heading to 90s’ Night. Sparkgrrl suggests that this was the wiser course, as apparently Allston has been invaded by drunken college kids. I’m as shocked as you.

: The Saturday jiu-jitsu workout felt marginal. I had a hard time focusing for the first hour – couldn’t remember obvious stuff, couldn’t commit to what was in front of me. I knocked over one of the fancy blown glass soap dispensers in Paul’s bathroom, scattering a fist-sized blob of soap and several shards of glass across the tile floor. It actually took a sharp blow to the head – from someone’s knee – to wake me up.

: On top of that, every time I make progress on one set of techniques I lose ground on another. I found myself struggling with stuff that I blew people away with three weeks ago (arm bars off of multiple attackers), though I had surprising luck with a usual trouble spot (irimi nage off of multiple attackers). And I haven’t even reached the stuff that I know I’m going to have trouble with – the black belt techniques. I’d lump this in under the point above but it’s a broad frustration, not a particular incident.

: And I still can’t do judo.

+: I caught up with Vickie and heard about her weekend. We talked about her review gigs, our first concerts and the Red Sox whipping up on BC. Ask her how much she loves Ashlee Simpson, because you will be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan in Boston.

+: The Neutrino writing team for the ITV submission had a remarkably productive meeting on Saturday night. I think we were all amazed at how much we cranked out in 2 hours. We’ve got some compelling and interesting characters who all have real reasons to be doing what they’re doing – namely, typical sitcom hijinks. We also established that the opposite of “womanizer” is “man-eater,” and that nothing’s funnier than a waiter dropping a tray of glasses. Nothing.

+: After sitting untouched for weeks, two of the books on my Amazon storefront sold within 36 hours of each other. I have no idea how Amazon makes money off this. They gave me $8 for shipping the two books, and even buying those cushioned MediaMailer envelopes at the Post Office I only spent $7 on Standard shipping. Hello, pocket change!

: I felt pretty tired on Saturday and Sunday. I pulled something in my lats on Friday after working them out really hard and then reclining funny on the bed later that evening.

: Also, it snowed again. Could someone just dump three feet of snow on Boston and then stop for the year, rather than three to five inches every six days?

+: I went grocery shopping on Sunday. I now have a variety of healthy snacks at my desk at work: Honey Nut Cheerios, Craisins, etc.

So the + and – seem pretty even. But I inflated my jiu-jitsu anxiety out into three separate entries where two might have sufficed. So I think, on net, that the weekend turned out productive.


6 Responses

  1. Saturday was delightful, although from the writeup, I hope it didn’t come across as an awfully one-sided conversation!

    College kids? Allston? WHAAAA?

  2. “With Donald Sutherland as…THE CLUMSY WAITER!”

  3. Can you believe it’s raining in Seattle? Of course you can, but what you don’t know is that it’s only the second day in 14 that it’s rained.

  4. Vickie – don’t let the writeup fool ya. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

    Dan – “I could no sooner run away from her than myself!” “I’m not asking you to run – I’m asking you to face reality!”

    Herb – I thought Seattle wasn’t actually that rainy, just very overcast. Which lie should I believe?

  5. i’m on the internet!

    i just watched breach last week when i was full of the plague actually. it seems some one of my roommates had a field day at a blockbuster sale. what did you think?

    also, craisins are freaking awesome.

  6. Stephanie – I thought this of it. I liked it very much.

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