I’m surrounded by more babies than Ashanti songs

  • I’m not going to talk much about work on here, as a rule, but: were I still in the semiotics game, I might have a lot to say about the degree of weeding I need to do when sorting a list of common search results related to babies. I mean actual babies, not ooh baby, so I have to manually pick out anything inappropriate. No, I don’t want baby got back lyrics. Or hey baby. Or mtv cribs. Or baby got boobs. Or america’s next top wet nurse. There’s enough infancy imagery in pop culture to make at least two masters’ theses, if not a grant proposal.

  • Tuesday night I put just shy of 16 gallons in the tank and paid a few dimes shy of $50. That number’s going to sit with me for a while. I can buy an XBox 360 for 7 tanks of gas. I can get a decent suit for 5 tanks of gas. I can take a girl out for a quality dinner or I can fill up my car. You try it – it’s fun!

  • Work and jiu-jitsu have taken over my life recently, meaning I haven’t had as much time to devote to the simple pleasures like paying bills. I still haven’t touched my W-2s. I know that I have more than a month to do them and the actual process will take me maybe 2 hours, but I still feel the obligation sorely. My all-time record for earliest filing remains Valentine’s Day. One year I hope to beat that record.

  • While woeing is me the other day, I forgot one awesome development that blew the rest of the weekend’s bad news out of the water: I landed tickets to Atmosphere’s next show in Boston! April 26th. I’ve branded this date on the surface of my brain. I will have no schedule conflicts on April 26th. Nothing will stand between me, the Theatre District and the twin sons of Mini-Hopelessness. I understand that the birth / death of your loved one may be important, sir / ma’am, but I’ve got GA seats to Atmosphere, so you’ll excuse my rudeness.

  • Speaking of memory, and of work: I have yet to forget where I parked or which locker I’m using in the gym. Given my tendencies toward occasional absentmindedness I consider this a pretty serious accomplishment. Apparently, all it takes is a conscious effort to remember a number – even if that number changes every day (“P3”, “44”, etc) – and I’m good. Or maybe I’m growing sharper in my old age.

  • I transition from “mid twenties” to “late twenties” in about three weeks. I’ll make sure to update my viewpoints accordingly.

5 Responses

  1. How long does 16 gallons last you?

    (I am a New Yorker. We don’t drive.)

  2. Not knowing the reason for said search…can you search by “infant” or “pediatric” or “neonatal” instead?

  3. Alex: 3 weeks, maybe 4.

    Vlvt: short answer, yes with an if; long answer, no with a but. I’ll tell you more about my job next time we both have beers in hand.

  4. Wait until you have to do something for a hotel chain, and wind up with lots of “Hilton” related keyword phrases…

    Just wait.

    It’s fun, trust me.

    Hope things are going well at the old place! Keep me updated; I’m curious.

  5. Man, Perich, you’re getting old.

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