I think I better knock … on wood

Patrick Swayze diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, an asymptomatic cancer with a 5% survival rate inside the first five years.

Jeff Healey, famed blues guitarist, dies at 41.

Am I the first person to notice that a death curse is stalking the stars of Road House? Quick – someone check on Ben Gazzara!

Also: I know I’m the first person to remark that the brothel Eliot Spitzer patronized at some cost was named after that shitty Kevin Kline movie from about six years back. I know there has to be a better Kevin Kline movie to christen a cathouse. My suggestions:

  • Fierce Creatures
  • Consenting Adults
  • I Love You To Death
  • In & Out

Actually, those were all pretty mediocre movies. Why is Kevin Kline well regarded again?


11 Responses

  1. De-Lovely, As You Like It, Life as a House, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Ice Storm, French Kiss, Soap Dish, Hamlet, Pirates of Penzance, Chaplin, Dave! The Big Chill!! Sophie’s Choice!!

    He’s a brilliant Actor.

  2. Four words: “A Fish Called Wanda.”

  3. From wikipedia:

    In 1970, Kline was awarded a scholarship to the newly formed Drama Division at the Juilliard School in New York. In 1972, he joined with fellow Juilliard graduates, including Patti Lupone and David Ogden Stiers, and formed the City Center Acting Company (now The Acting Company), under the aegis of famed British actor John Houseman. The Company traveled across the U.S. performing Shakespeare’s plays, other classical works, and the musical The Robber Bridegroom, founding a dedication and mission unparalleled in American repertory theatre.

    Now, you take that back!

  4. Unca – “Life as a House” would be a terrible name for a brothel! What are you thinking?

    Dan – Yeah, okay, that was good.

    Vlvt – Yeah, yeah, Shakespeare.

  5. I’d be worried for Sam Elliott if the man weren’t tougher than Death.

  6. “That dog won’t hunt.”

  7. “Don’t eat the big white mint!”

  8. Pirates of Penzance, because I can just imagine Spitzer singing “I am a Pirate King!” during one of his, ah, visits.

    On second thought, no I don’t want to imagine that.

  9. You think maybe he chants, “tyrol tyrol, tyrol tyrol” to pace himself?

  10. damn, someone beat me to it with A Fish Called Wanada.

    Other bad hooker website names from Kevin Kline Movies:


    The Nutcracker

    The Anniversary Party

    The Pink Panther

    I think “As You Like It” is another good choice though.

  11. Dave! Not a good name for a brothel, but a good Kevin Kline movie.

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