’cause Saturday night’s all right for fightin’; get a little action in

Arm bar
Stick fighting
Finger lock
Leg sweep
Knife disarm

But it wouldn’t be a martial arts demo without board breaks, would it?

Board break
board break
Board break
Tiger mouth
bear hug
bear claw - rear takeout
Multiple attackers
Two minutes of hell
sitting down
Candidates and ukes

Photos courtesy of Victoria, Dave and Christine


32 Responses

  1. You threw a guy by his face.

  2. Dude.

    You look angry.

  3. I think those faces are some of the best HULK SMASH! looks I’ve ever seen!

  4. Congratulations on making black belt, man.

  5. I really did teary-eyed when I saw you get your black belt. I’m glad there’s more silent protectors of those that need protectin’ out there on the streets.

  6. You make violence look fun!

  7. I ain’t scared of you….no way no how!!!

    *whimpers, runs away to cry*

  8. How soon before your first action film?

  9. Congrats Perich! Glad I could watch it! You are surprisingly graceful for a man of your stature.

  10. Get a haircut, you hippie!

  11. So awesome and impressive. Congrats man!

    (and kudos to the photographers. I assume no flashes were allowed. So very impressive work capturing those action shots.)

  12. Bob – no special veto on flashes. But the dojo’s covered in yellow fluorescent lights, so clear shots are hard to capture.

  13. Congratulations! Looking at these pictures makes me want to go beat something up.

  14. Aww. All the photos are awesome, but the second to last one is the tear-jerker snapshot. Congratulations.

  15. So dang awesome. Good work, Mr. Perich.

  16. like the hair

  17. Inspiring. Congratulations! I just hope you tipped the bald man well.

  18. Don’t listen to Joel. If anything, you need more hair, a big ol’ fro so you can be Bruce Lee’s sidekick. Well, in another life at least.

    Congrats dude!

  19. Matt – got him a present (retractable steel baton) and did a shot with him at the bar that evening (“thank you for making me look good”).

  20. um…wow 🙂

  21. Steph – I’m as surprised as you.

  22. Intensity. I love it.

  23. Congratulations! I would not choose to meet you in a dark alley.

  24. It was an excellent spectacle, my friend. On the way home, I uttered words that I thought would never be uttered: “Of all the people out there today, Perich looked the most balanced, graceful, and comfortable in his own body.”


  25. Thank you! The cookies were a big hit, as well.

  26. Firstly is this you getting your black belt? If so, congrats and that’s awesome.

    I loved these pics. Some are just generally badass, and the others are really entertaining. Such good facial expressions!

    It’s really funny to know someone yet not know a huge other part of their life. YOU ARE A RENAISSANCE MAN JOHN PERICH!

  27. Eric – if you were on Facebook, like your awesome wife, I would have invited you. There was a Facebook Group and everything.

  28. Yeah, i’ve yet to jump on the fASSbook bandwagon. I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it.

  29. Perich – this post is super F’ing A. awesome. Amazing photos and I imagine all of them being taken in 1973.

  30. […] the last one, in March, I promoted to black belt, along with two other students. We were the last three students to join the program while it was […]

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