now she’s with one of my good time buddies, drinking in some cross town bar

#: Unless something changes, I may end up doing karaoke on three consecutive nights this week. I may have a Problem that needs Care.

#: I’m almost done with Scrabble Scrabulous on Facebook. The idea seemed cool enough – play a low-pressure game of Scrabble Letter Tiles with your friends. Let the computer do the hard work of calculating scores and validating words. What I forgot at the time: I’m bad at Scrabble this game. I’m really not good. Sure, I’ve got a decent vocabulary, years of Internet fora notwithstanding, but I don’t have a good sense of the game’s strategy. I think I lost the thrill when Zabeth got three bingos on me in one game. Damn her.

#: I got a massage on Sunday to loosen up after throwing stuff around for two hours on Saturday. A healthy woman named Tamika bore down on my lats and traps with the full weight of her body, delivered via elbow. Sadly, I didn’t realize that most of the soreness wouldn’t set in until two days after the event, so the massage didn’t help as much. I had a stiff but not painful neck on Monday morning. Verdict: Tamika’s not bad, but she’s not my favorite masseuse at Inman.

#: My cooking experiment continued last night, but with new and exciting developments. For the first time in my culinary history, I deliberately diverged from the cooking instructions on the package! The results: pretty mediocre!

Here’s the scoop: I thawed two chicken breasts and pulled down some lemon pepper seasoning while the frying pan heated up. I was supposed to coat the chicken in a mixture of lemon pepper and flour, but I had none of the latter. I pulled down the rotisserie mix to see if that would work, noting that this bottle advised a mixture of seasonings and olive oil. “Well, if it works for one,” I thought, and kneaded the chicken with olive oil and lemon pepper.

Next, I threw the breasts on the greased up skillet. I’m no Gordon Ramsay, but I very quickly feared that a frying pan’s heat might not be sufficient to cook this chicken all the way through. I double-checked the instructions: thinly-sliced chicken breasts. Ah. So I let the chicken grill for a few minutes longer than recommended, until the insides were warm though still pink, and called it a day.

Despite all this it still tasted all right. Cleanup didn’t take too long, and if I had to hover over the stove for longer than I might normally like, the savory smell of the (top quarter-inch of) chicken paid off.


9 Responses

  1. I bake my chicken. The humble fry pan just doesn’t get the job done sometimes unless you cover it with a lid.

  2. So, just chicken?

  3. I only have time to cook for myself maybe twice a week. If I bought more than one type of meat at a time it’d go to waste before I used it all. Next time: fish.

  4. Prof, I think dear Alex(andra) was inquiring as to whether or not you had any vegetable matter along with your chicken. Personally, I’d go with the “I’m a goddamn blackbelt – be glad I didn’t eat it RAW!” defense.

  5. I was pretty done with Scrabulous some time ago, not because I’m bad at it, but because it was eating up almost my whole day since I often had more than 10 concurrent games.

  6. Oooh, fish. Careful with fish!

  7. Meat lasts a very long time when’s it’s frozen.

    I did mean vegetables, though. Even a starch would be an improvement. You can boil rice, right?

  8. I had a similar sort-of-alright cooking ‘sperience the other day with chicken. I took two breasts (SCANDAL!) out of the freezer the day before, and put them in the fridge, apparently thinking that would result in a nice thaw. It didn’t at all. So I’m already in Screwedtown. But whatever, I’m hungry, so I throw the big fat frozen breasts (HA CHA CHA!) in the frying pan, cover them with a lid and get to work preparing my other bits (OOO LA LA!) which would make up my delicious quesadillas.

    So while this is happening, my two breasts (VA VA VA VOOM!) are smoking up the joint like one of those awful cigar bars that douchebags go to for fun. So I run around opening all my windows to ventilate the smoke so I don’t set off the alarm and piss of my neighbors, and go back to my chicken. I flip it a few times, but it just isn’t cooking all the way through. Luckily I’m making cheese-a-dillas (what does dilla mean?) so I cut up my partially cooked breasts (EXCLAMATION!) into little pieces then throw them back in the pan and finish up. Then I actually make the dillas which is a travesty of foodventure in itself, and the end result was lame quesadillas with way overcooked and chewy chicken.

    I should really get my blog up instead of using your comments huh? THE CRUX OF MY POINT HERE IS THAT I FEEL YA ON THE CHICKEN COOKING!

  9. Alex – chicken is a vegetable, right? It comes from the chicken root.

    Pope – I think we’ve both learned a lesson about slicing chicken thinly.

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