why you at the bar if you ain’t popping the bottles?

So what did this past weekend hold?

I finished up some revisions for a Neutrino video project on Friday. Then, at the last minute, I drove to Central Square to catch an IB Show. Serpico, Michelle McN., Manny R., Paul K. and others did a series of Boston-related sketches. They hit all the important notes for some good Boston satire – drunken college girls, rowdy Red Sox fans, the mumblings of Mayor Menino – and kept me laughing.

I ran into Jacey and grabbed dinner with her at Tavern on the Square. For some reason the bar hosted a live DJ mixing some generic top 40 pop at too loud of a volume to allow for easy conversation. Dance music’s apparently a regular fixture at the Tavern but not a popular one – we were there until 11:00 and nobody started moving.

Saturday, Dennis Hurley asked me to play an extra in a sketch video he was shooting at IB. I showed up, held a notebook, and chatted with Matt McG. and Aaron C. about Obama during downtime.

Immediately after, I met up with Shannon and Brian P. for that aforementioned Neutrino project. Watching Dennis’s pals mess around with shot placement and multiple takes infected me with the video bug once more, leading me to volunteer to direct a project I had just helped write. I have been infected. I expect a two month convalescence.

I hung out with Lisa C. at B-Side Lounge on Saturday night. The nice server at B-Side introduced me to the wonders of the Manhattan – all the taste and power of whiskey, but without the indelible stigma of ordering a shot of Canadian Club. It is now my favorite drink. We compared notes on the Cambridge dating scene and agreed that it’s fraught with traps.

Sunday I stayed in my bathrobe all day. Every now and then I need a day where I don’t speak to another human being. It scours the palate, like one of those water diets that drops you two dress sizes in a weekend at a slight cost to kidney health. It leaves me eager for human contact by sundown. My introversion rules me but doesn’t rule me, if you value the distinction.

Also of note: Star Wars Battlefront has some of the highest replay value of any video game I’ve ever bought. If I’m in the mood for violence, I don’t need to load up a game and start some highbrow, ivory-tower “mission.” I don’t need to begin a quest and speak to the city fathers. I just say, “Put me in the gas refineries on Bespin and let me shoot stormtroopers” and forty seconds later I’m doing it. It has a beautiful purity I almost fear to touch.

Those last two paragraphs are probably the most interesting. Once again I have buried the lede.


15 Responses

  1. Agreed on Battlefront.

  2. It’s my last day of work so I have nothing but time to reply to every bit of your post!

    -Boston Comedy. This is not at ALL meant to slight the awesome IB dudes, and I am sure the sketches are hilarious, but I’ve long felt for Boston-centric comedy the same as I’ve felt for redneck-related and Bush-related humor. I can’t really explain it well. Something about all the things that get made fun of, and deserve to be made fun of, just stick SO MUCH in my craw in real life, that making fun of them just reminds me of these things I loathe, so it instantly puts me off. Any thoughts on this phenomenon? Like I said, this is in no way meant to crap on the awesome work Serp and the Gang did!

    – Tavern on the Square. I don’t get the popularity of this place. My experience is much like yours, always filled with loud, terrible music, and people matching the Boston types that I loathe. And 25 tv’s playing SPORTS! I just feel awash with Boston Yuppie when I go there and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I clearly have problems. The food’s pretty good though.

    – I’m excited to see the fruits of your video labor! Keep your readers in the loop! The fruit loop.

    – B-Side. I’ve never been there but always thought it looked a cool place? Should I go? Highlights? Also, I think Manhattens are grody.

    – Cambridge Dating Scene. Is it actually “Cambridge” or the community we’re all a part of? Because I’ve oft been fascinated by dating in the comedy community.

    – B-Robe. I am 1000% with you on this one. I do this just about every weekend.

    – Battlefront. I had that game years ago! I was bad at it but loved it nonetheless.

  3. Dude, Colby and I used to play Battlefronts with a frequency that might have caused outside observers to think we had to play in order to stay alive. Eventually we could beat everything on advanced and got bored. I have huge amounts of love for that game, especially jet troopers and dark troopers. I find myself missing the Kashyyyk harbor and the castle on Hoth now.

    AS for the directing, I’m glad to hear that the job went to someone deserving. Let me know if you want to rap about that process at all.

    Finally, I have, just this weekend, made a new peace with my introversion. But holy crap am I ready to be healed and seeing people.

  4. Thank you for spelling “lede” properly. Few people do.

  5. Vickie – why is it journalists spell lead “lede” and ‘graph (as in para’) “graf”? What’s the deal?

  6. Pope – Tavern on the Square cooks up a decent burger, I’ll give ’em that.

    – B-Side is a cool place. They serve very good liquor and some interesting food, two steps up from pub grub.

    – I meant actually “Cambridge,” the community.

    – Bathrobe: Hannah must be a remarkably tolerant woman. You hold on tight, you hear?

  7. Oh, those “stay in your robe” days are SO the best. I could use one actually right now where I am at home doing nothing and NOT sick from the flu.

    You never had a Manhattan before? I used to drink them pretty regularly. If I can get to the Asgard this Wednesday and you’re there, I’ll enjoy one with you.

  8. Don’t know that I’d drink a Manhattan on just any occasion. It seems a classier kind of drink, the kind for button-down shirts and jazz at least thirty years old.

    That being said, of course I’ll have one with you.

  9. I’ve never been told specifically why – everyone just adopts it. I’ve always assumed that it’s because when you’re making a last pass of a story, copy editors often are just checking to make sure that all the words in the story/on the page are spelled correctly, assuming that grammar or other notes from the writer or editor have been taken care of. But say an editing note hasn’t been taken out yet. If you see “lead” or “graph,” your mind assumes that the word is supposed to be there for the sake of the story. But if you see “lede” or “graf,” the red flag pops up and you know that an editing note has fallen through the cracks.

    Similar to why people putting together a page are wise to mock up their headlines with symbols. Too many copy editors have realized too late that the clever, inside-joke or expletive-laden headline they put together for the mock-up actually made it to press.

  10. Manhattans: the drink created by alcoholics, for alcoholics.

  11. Vickie – interesting theory.

    Vlvt – themsh fightin’ worz!

  12. You’d think someone would have thought to pose that question in class, but goes to show that even people being trained to question everything forget to do so every once in a while.

    (Insert the snarky media comment of your choice here)

  13. oof, manhattans. all classy, until you’re sucking them down and…

    well nevermind.

    last night matthew got a manhattan at ceremony only it was the special kind that hurt to drink. i wanted one, but even with my tolerance i knew i couldn’t indulge if i was to drive home mere hours later.

    but it has a CHERRY!

  14. The cherry just gets in the way of the whiskey for me.

  15. I might be working for IB Film…looks like an interesting gig. So you might have me ramming a microphone in your face.

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