you can find me in the club

Today being my actual birthday, I’ll recap the birthday celebration:

#: I caught up with Christine and surprise guests Meghan and Sam by getting to Common Ground early. Not early enough to avoid a cover, unfortunately. They’ve also switched to using bracelets instead of stamps, but the bar was already pretty packed with people who weren’t wearing bracelets. So I chucked mine soonest. I have hairy wrists.

#: I should have learned by now not to try listing attendees, as I inevitably forget someone and hurt their feelings. But: Joanna, Tim, Sylvia, Dan, Stephanie, Matthew, and Katie – thank you for coming out for my birthday.

#: Melissa and Fraley asked me to officiate their wedding! I accepted.

#: Someone stole my green thrift store coat at some point between 10:00 and 2:00. Stephanie used her pull with the staff to ask them to search, but with no luck. Apparently mine was the last of four coats to be taken in the evening. I love Common Ground, and I dearly love 90s Night, but this might be my last time there until the weather warms up.

#: So my first birthday present to myself – a green thrift store coat! I bought it at the same secondhand store in Allston as the last one, also for $20. It has a slightly warmer liner but feels a bit lighter.

#: Other birthday presents: Bridge of Birds, the House of Cards trilogy, Mind Performance Hacks, a sword stand for my recently acquired sword, and a big stack of graphic novels. Expect a digest on the lattermost with your next media blow.

#: I saw a bunch of two-person improv shows at IB on Sunday night. They ranged from the fantastic (Flynn/Maclean, Reynolds/French) to the mediocre (two BU alumni who just, I don’t know, god). Improv is tricky, and the two-person show is a tricky format.

#: I’m now in my late twenties.


9 Responses

  1. Happy birthday, big man, and may you have many more.

  2. Happy birthday! And it sucks about your coat, but at least you will get to Officiate a Wedding!

  3. For your birthday, I will comment on this blog.

    Happy birfday, sweets. You’re great.

  4. I loved that coat. Also, the person who stole it must be very tall.

    Also, thanks for accepting our request! We are thrilled that you’l be marrying us.


  6. Dammit! It was still there when I left, I thought! Cockablock.

  7. i’m still annoyed about this coat business >:|

    i suspect there’s some hungover bu girl wondering where the hell this coat came from.

    anyway, now you have a new one! much like our dance circle, i wish to have a velvet rope area for the vip coats. we clearly deserve it.

    happy real birthday!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Perich! Enjoy your late 20’s. It seriously only gets better from here!

  9. Happy Birthday, Tall One!

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