leave you when the summer comes along!

Time for some scattered observations about the weekend.

#: Who knew fruit could be so tasty? Fresh bananas with breakfast, strawberries and cream as a snack, mandarin oranges in gelatin with lunch … yum. Thank you, Shaw’s!*

#: Browsing in Brookline Booksmith on Saturday, a friend brought up a copy of Stephen Landsburg’s newer book, More Sex is Safer Sex. I hadn’t read this one, but I’d followed his Slate column for years and owned a copy of The Armchair Economist. “Landsburg is about fifty-fifty,” I warned, “between ‘wow, that’s interesting’ and ‘wow, that’s completely specious reasoning.'”

#: I think Knights of the Old Republic holds the current prize for highest replay value of any XBox game I own. Morrowind‘s probably a close second.

#: A double snootful of Nasonex and some eyedrops courtesy of Dr. Grace have been staving off the worst of my allergies so far. That and the occasional twenty degree plunge in temperature.

#: I installed the Diplomacy app on Facebook and look forward to stabbing you all in the back.

* I’m not being facetious here; this is genuinely a discovery for me.


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