get out of town (get out of town!)

I had a powerful craving for beach just now. That specific sensory combination of dazzling sun, salty air and soft sand (not rocks) between my toes. And fried food from a boardwalk cafe. And used paperbacks.

Someone hook me up. Not now, obviously, but some time this year. I’m dyin’.


6 Responses

  1. That sounds like eastern beach to me, though all those things are available here, too. We have a guest room and live less than 10 miles from the beach.

  2. You need to go South. These northern beaches, in my experience, offer any of the charm that I associate with goin’ downee aywshin. If you know what I mean. Funnel cake, Thrashers – you feel me?

  3. *”None of these northern…”

  4. hmm i hope that to see you in there…šŸ˜€

  5. San Diego has a few nice beaches methinks.

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