shaolin shadowboxing and the wu-tang sword style

I give you an entire post about jiu-jitsu:

# For as much work as I do on grappling, throwing and joint locks, I definitely need to drill old-fashioned stand up boxing. Tuesday night’s class proved that, even if a decent boxer only landed one jab in four on me, he could drive me across a room thanks to my piss-poor defense. I need to work parrying, shuffling or fading without moving backward. I can’t think of a better way to do this other than to get someone I trust, stand them exactly two feet away from me, verify that they can touch but not pound my skull with a jab at full extension, and say, “Just go until I say stop.”

# One of the students in our Tuesday night class got in a fight over the weekend. I won’t go into details (per the student, “an investigation is pending”), but the circumstances reminded me of how much the classroom environment differs from a real street fight. I hope that I’d acquit myself well. I know that when the adrenaline’s pumping I react aggressively, not passively, and I know that I can take a hit and keep moving. Because of those two factors – not because of any fancy techniques – I trust I’d do okay. But I want more than trust.

# I still have rugburn on the back of my wrists this morning. Now before you go making any snide comments, I got it from a grappling drill on the rug-covered mats at our school. So I got rugburn from a two-hundred and fifty pound man mounting me and pinning my hands to the ground. There. Try and find something lewd in that; I dare you.

# Finally got my hand X-rayed yesterday, since the jammed finger I got on March 12th has still been bothering me on occasion. The diagnosis: broken! “I had to zoom it 8x,” the doctor said, pointing at my X-ray. “See this tiny line here?” Apparently the ligament around one of my joints has a bit of a crack, and the capsule that protects those ligaments has swelled as a result. I still have full range of motion, but it could take six months for the swelling to entirely disappear. “I get more martial artists coming in here six weeks after their injury,” the doctor said.


12 Responses

  1. Re: Point #1, there’s no one I trust that much. Not my father, not my girlfriend and not anyone I’ve ever spoken to.

    Re: Point #3, A’glllll

  2. That’s no rugburn–that’s TumbeKid Burn. It’s so much worse!

    I heard about the fight said person was in as well. Damn, and OW. I hope things turn out okay, sounds like that was pretty rough–he’s no pushover!

    Hope your finger heals up okay!

  3. Sadly, although I would be happy to throw punches at your head, I don’t think I could fit into the category of people who could actually touch your skull.

  4. #2) Nope. Can’t think of anything sexual about that. Strange, since I’m usually so adept at these things…

  5. Serp – a’glll!

    Katie – tape should do most of it.

    Flynn – It’s less feasible between our height.

    Squirrel – Then it must be clean in that case.

  6. “So I got rugburn from a two-hundred and fifty pound man mounting me and pinning my hands to the ground. There. Try and find something lewd in that; I dare you.”

    Oh, come on now. He MOUNTED you? There’s nothing sexual about that?

    Hell, I pinned my lover’s hands to the ground last night while mounting her. It was pretty damn sexual.

  7. Point #3 is clearly a trap for me to say something, which I won’t.

  8. I don’t understand why you’d think that.

    SELF-DEFENSE TIP: If someone is mounting you and pinning you down by the wrists, you dislodge them by tucking your feet in and then thrusting your hips upward.

  9. re: point 3

    I had no idea you liked to take it rough.

  10. Thrusting my hips upward has never dislodged anyone.

    Is there something wrong with me? 😦

  11. Alex – An eye gouge will also work in those circumstances.

  12. RE Point 1: I have gloves, focus mitts and some space we can use down at the Y. Any time you are ready.

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