though his mind is not for rent, don’t put him down as arrogant

(I’ve just got “Tom Sawyer” stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome, Internet)

While I haven’t gone all out in becoming one of those people, I decided, when I moved to the new apartment, to discontinue my cable service. From now on I’m only paying Comcast for Internet. I suppose talking about how important an Internet connection is will only be informative to the space aliens who find and decode this post off of WordPress’s servers one hundred thousand years from now – because hey, we all know the Internet’s great – but it struck me hard on Saturday. I finally felt this comforting sense of homecoming once I had milk and bread in the fridge, a fully assembled queen size bed, and a live Internet connection.

So with Internet and a glossy 19″ iMac, I really don’t need cable. Now that the greatest show that the medium of television has yet to produce has gone off the air, what am I missing? Battlestar Galactica and 30 Rock can be found on Hulu (or even less savory corners of the Internet). If there’s a big Red Sox / Ravens / Celtics game, I could use the excuse to go to a bar, or a friend’s apartment, and watch it socially. And most “really, really awesome shows” (1) aren’t, or (2) will be available on DVD if they stand the test of time.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this post for eight months from now, when I bemoan my inability to see Burn Notice or Mad Men or any of the dozen shows I have probably forgot. Until then, I’m just that kooky eccentric living alone on the hill.


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  1. I have gone the same route. Except, I’m getting the 10 dollar a month basic cable in order to get half priced internet for 6 months. I may go back to cable in September when TV returns. Maybe not. We’ll see.

  2. Are you Comcast, too? I didn’t know they offered that basic of a deal.

  3. Yeah. I called Comcast yesterday to ask to cancel my cable installation and then I haggled for cheap internet. They offer 25 dollars a month for 6 months (versus 45 or 50) if you are a TV customer. So if I get the basic bundle (channels 3-24 for 10 bucks a month) I save twenty to twenty five on internet. There were other promos, but that seemed the wisest bet for me at least. Now I can at least watch the news in the morning.

  4. However…I just forgot…last year we tried to get internet without the box and didn’t know we couldn’t until the installation guy came. So, I may be changing things anyway. We’ll see. Comcast is such a dipshit company.

  5. True that. If I could get anyone other than Comquack in this building I would.

  6. Uh, I think Burn Notice will be on Hulu too, since USA is part of the NBC Uni family. Your decision is even better than you thought!

  7. You don’t watch TV?


  8. Except for a year when I shared with roommates who wanted it, I haven’t had cable or satellite TV since I moved out of my parents’ place nearly a decade ago. TV comes from the Internet!

  9. ALL good things come from the Internet!

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