a man in my shoes runs the light

Vivid dreams of marriage and work last night. If it weren’t a Friday I’d be worried.

# # #

Went out to lunch with a client on Wednesday and consumed my month’s quota of cheese. Tequenos and queso a la plancha as appetizers; chorizo quesadilla for the entree. I felt irregularly massed for the rest of the afternoon.

# # #

The Red Sox decision to trade a guy who beat up his coworkers sure has attracted a lot of debate!

# # #

I put some serious thought into applying for work as a bouncer yesterday. I could make some extra cash, meet some interesting people. Plus – and this has bothered me for a while – for all my vaunted self-defense training, another human being has never taken a swing at me in anger. I don’t think Palahniuk’s Fight Club glistens with pearls of wisdom, but not knowing everything about yourself until you get in a fight holds true. Especially if you teach other people how to fight once a week.

Then I remembered I don’t have any free time, and the kind of drunken assholes I’d have to associate with, and the whim passed me by.

# # #

Consider the following investment portfolio:

  • 75% in VEU (Vanguard’s All World Except US ETF – an international index fund);
  • 20% in VDE (Vanguard’s Energy Index Fund);
  • 5% in SPDR Barclays Capital TIPS ETF (an inflation-indexed bond fund)
After much deliberation, I will probably buy those this weekend. Don’t you run out and buy them all up just to drive the prices higher, you twenty or so people who read this.


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