all I care about is love

I could move to Chicago very easily.

Apparently, Internet Inc. will move experienced people out there with very little argument. I could spend what I pay now for housing and get a spot in a nicer neighborhood. Chicago’s subway looks more extensive than Boston’s; I could get rid of the car. Two of my best friends in the world – Mariateresa and Hawver – already live in the city. I think I’d do all right there.

I’m not bored with Boston yet, though. Not quite. But I can feel it at the edges. Hawver once said that only thirty real people live in Boston; the rest are smoke and mirrors. I think I’ve met twenty-six of them and I keep seeing them at the same bars. It might be time to broaden my horizons.

Nobody panic; I’m not moving yet. Check in with me in nine months, though. Because something’s got to change – either me or the city or the world I live in – or I don’t know what I’ll do.


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