jeux sans frontieres

M: I tend to be confused by double negatives unless they’re in Russian?
Professor: but Russian double-negatives make perfect sense to you
M: Russian grammar demands them
Professor: hehe
M: truly
Professor: that sounds like a line from a Kruschev speech
M: It probably is
Professor: “Russian grammar demands double negatives! Output will be increased five-fold by next year!”
Professor: “We will not leave you unburied!”

# # #

Professor: also: what didn’t you like about The Mote in God’s Eye?
L: um, i read it five years ago, I thought the aliens were stupid and the plot just read like someone writing an after-the-fact choose-your-own adventure book
Professor: ha
Professor: I thought the aliens were the most interesting part of the book by leaps and bounds – far more so than the characters
L: well, I will agree with that
Professor: (who would’ve been okay in 50s sci-fi, passable in 60s, no excuse in 70s)
L: but yeah
L: asimov’s characters are more developed

# # #

J: this is you:
Professor: scooped (kinda)
J: but see
J: I know all those songs
Professor: and you’re white!
Professor: QED
J: but I never know the ones you’re quoting
Professor: 60% of the songs I listed are about, or heavily reference, gang violence
Professor: I am a white person who knows no one in a gang
Professor: (so, I imagine, are you)
Professor: so you know songs that could only be sung ironically by white people


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