I’d rather be with your friends, mate, ’cause they are much fitter

I will now write the only post that I will ever devote to the news of Sarah Palin being announced as McCain’s VP pick1. Ready? Here we go:

Never having voted in an election bigger than club treasurer, I turn to my more mature and responsible friends to ask: has a candidate’s Vice President pick ever made a difference in how you voted? Have you ever been on the fence about someone but their VP choice pushed you one way or the other? Or has a VP pick ever astounded you so much that you’ve immediately switched sides?

I’m not asking this Socratically or as a trick or as a prelude to a lecture2. I have near to zero insight into the voting process, so I don’t know how much a VP makes a difference. Whether the answer is “yes” or “no,” please don’t get defensive. I just want to know how you make your decisions. I am genuinely and sincerely curious.

And remember, this is for posterity. So be honest.

1 This promise subject to change, of course, if Sarah Palin starts dating Lindsay Lohan or something equally bizarre. If she goes on just being a VP candidate I have nothing more to say about her.

2 In other words, “not the ways in which I always ask questions.”


3 Responses

  1. In a 2007 episode of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon presciently confessed that she would tell people she was voting for Barack Obama, but would likely secretly vote for John McCain.

    I’ve told everyone who’s asked that I’m voting for Barack Obama. I never thought I’d pull the lever for McCain at the critical moment, but the selection of Palin for VP seals it. She betrays every ounce of her PTA wisdom when she fatuously claims that “both sides of the debate” on the origins of life ought to be taught in public schools — and she isn’t talking about Dawkins and Gould. In a Senate with a Democratic majority that exists only thanks to independent Joe Lieberman’s decision to caucus with his old party (and I would not bet on this state of affairs continuing much longer after last night), it’s all too easy to imagine VP Palin casting the deciding vote on a bill to reduce funding for public school districts that do not give equal time to intelligent design — or at least those that refuse to slap a sticker with some mealy-mouthed disclaimer stating that evolution is only a “theory” on biology textbooks.

    So yeah, a VP pick has never before impacted my eventual vote for prez, but I get the taste of vomit in the back of my throat when I think that a whole generation could grow up very confused about the organizing principle of life science.

  2. How ironic, given that Liz Lemon is now a VP candidate.

  3. This year it might make a bigger difference than in past elections because of McCain’s age and health. Many people think there is a good chance that if he is elected, his Vice President will become the president.

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