dear catastrophe waitress

Here’s Ricky Jay, probably the world’s premier card manipulator, fucking with your mind. Take that, objective reality!

Watching Ricky Jay proves a little theory of Penny Arcade’s – that the stupidity you see on the Internet has nothing to do with the stupidity of the authors, but everything to do with the Internet itself. Watch this video, for instance, where Ricky Jay shuffles 4 queens into a deck of cards and then pops them back out again:

Now read the comments:

he just like every other manipulator. they just keep repeating slipshots and shotguns and then do mcdonald’s aces. its cliche. and its tiring and stupid. make ur own godamn material and stop making money off what everyone already does.

This isn’t some illiterate teenager. This is a guy who’s had some education – he knows cards and card tricks – and he still sounds like a jackass. And on top of that, he’s wrong. Jay closes with MacDonald’s Aces, but before separating them from the deck, as is traditional, he does two entirely different forces. That’s a lot of things; “cliche” not among them.


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