I’m all lost in the supermarket

You people show an inordinate interest in the food I eat, so here’s an update:

Salad: I discovered the $3.50 bag of salad at Shaw’s and fell in love. $3.50 gets me at least three meals’ worth of salads, making it cheaper than any salad I could buy at a restaurant. And the bag begins expiring the second I open it, meaning time pressure compels me to eat all of it over the next 3-4 days. Mix it up with a little Thousand Islands Light and you’ve got a complement to any meal. I read that the ideal proportion of plants:everything else on your plate should be 75:25, which I haven’t hit yet. I can usually go about 50:50. Easy stages, Sherif Ali.

Protein Powder: A good commuter’s breakfast. Just mix a scoop full into a tall glass of milk and drink while contemplating your morning. Sometimes I forget to drink it, if I’m hurrying out the door, so I fall on my backup …

Craisins + Cereal: Mix a cup of dry cereal with a double handful of craisins. Low carbs and good for you.

South Beach Meals: Not that I need to lose weight, but the South Beach Diet frozen entrees work great for lunch in the office. They’re low moderate not as high sodium as other frozen meals, and they’ve got plenty of protein. I recommend the single-serving pizza.

Small, Big, Small: I’ve found that eating a small breakfast, a big (but healthy) lunch, and a reasonably sized dinner carries me through the day pretty well. You never want to load up on food right before bed, as it’ll just glom onto your stomach while you’re inactive. Go into lunch a little hungry, and eat a variety of healthy foods to build up a store of energy for the rest of the day.

Right now, I seem to have a pattern that works. Now I just have to stick to it. Once I keep at it for a few months at a time, it’ll become habit. And since there’s no force in the world more powerful than habit, I’ll be in good shape.


2 Responses

  1. How can craisins plus cereal be low-carb?

  2. Mostly because there’s not a lot of them.

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