I said he ain’t here, but he sure went past

So, more than three months into the Davis Square experiment, how do I like living alone? I love it.

I love living close enough to the train that I can take the T to work three days a week. And it gets me around on weekends, too. I love living within walking distance of most of my friends. I love a bathroom, kitchen and living area that stay just as clean as I want them to. I love all the bars and restaurants that lie stumbling distance from my front doorstep.

More than anything else, though, I love the absolute sense of privacy. I’m an introvert and I always will be. When I’m done with work or my other obligations, I need a quiet corner where I can shut everyone else out. I like the world I live in, but I need to keep it at arm’s length.

The only things I need to overcome now: my tendency to hoard things I don’t need. My shelves overflow with books I’ve read once; my storage locker in the basement contains an air-conditioner my apartment doesn’t need and several leftover cardboard boxes. I need to be talked or tricked into getting rid of things. With that out of my way, I’ll be in good shape.


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  1. that whole third paragraph?


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