information vegetable, animal and mineral

On Friday, I stopped myself as I emerged from the shower, mid-toweling, to wonder just what I was singing to myself. Then I realized: the Frogs’ chorus from Aristophanes The Frogs, set to the opening theme of HALO. Some days I wonder if I’m crazy enough to make it as a writer; Friday was not one of them.

# # #

I straddled the fence on whether or not to buy a Canon Powershot SD1100 for a while. I have decided not to, for at least one month, partly because I want to train myself to use a camera more. I’ve owned a digital camera for years now, and my cell phone can take pictures, but I still rarely use either. So I want to get myself into the habit of snapping and uploading interesting pics to supplement these posts. Expect more images in the weeks to come.

Also, partly because I have no money this month.

# # #

An unexpected raincloud broke over Cambridge on Sunday night. As I came out of the Davis Square T stop, I bumped into a small crowd of people huddled under the stone overhang. A disheveled man with a neck beard ranted about “the Milky Way, and all these stars, all just spitting on it … fuck you, motherfuckers …” Nobody looked at him.

You think that guy saw those first spattering rain drops and started rubbing his hands with glee? Maybe he busted out some classic material – stuff he’d been saving for a captive audience, like the Everett drunk tank or folks waiting to cross at a light. Must’ve made that man’s week.

# # #

I’ve stayed pretty true to my pledge not to read the news, so expect no posts on the subject of the Bush administration’s nationalization of the banking industry. I want to keep my blood pressure low. If you really want to read what I think, then you can just look at any post I’ve written on the subject of economics for the last, oh, I don’t know, EVER.

(Incidentally, apologizing to Ron Paul for calling him “crazy” would be big of you right now. “Sure, Ron. The Federal Reserve’s a massive conspiracy designed to devalue American currency and keep big banks afloat. They’ve got dictatorial powers. Okaaaaaay, big guy.”)

(By way of example: sorry, Ron)


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