you’ll never guess the things that I do; I’ve had the devil ’round for tea

Those of you who either know my schedule or recognize the pattern of my updates might wonder why I haven’t told you what I did on Sunday yet. The answer: I’m waiting for video evidence.

Two of my current steps in the hopeless battle against time:

  • Haggling. If I want to step outside the usual paycheck-to-paycheck grind, I need to start rejecting the first price offered to me. This doesn’t work with chain stores – whose employees don’t have leeway to negotiate, and don’t care enough about the store’s bottom line to try – but works somewhat with small stores. I’ve been trying in small doses over the past few days. Saving money isn’t the issue here: it’s getting in the habit of saying, “No, I want it for less,” and not feeling like an asshole.

  • Swimming. I took some days off for the cold / allergies I’ve just now overcome, but I hit the pool again this morning with a vengeance. Doing the half-assed breaststroke that I do for sixteen to twenty lengths does a number on my shoulders and chest. I see more and more people in the pool every morning – experienced swimmers, usually, with caps and goggles and impressive form. Every now and then I feel silly, in my board shorts and bare eyes and leisurely pace. Why am I taking up a perfectly valuable lane?

    But I kick that thought aside earlier every day. Everyone exercises for their own reason, and I have mine. I could probably swim faster or more efficiently if I tried, but it’s not worth my effort to try. That’s not what I’m after. I slip into the heated pool an hour before anyone expects me at work, push off the wall, glide my hands quietly just beneath the surface of the water, and I think, Fuck you, time; I’m winning.


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