I am me, the universe and you

This media blow got rained on this weekend:

In Bruges: A little too bleak to be really dark, a little too pat to be really funny. But still perfectly entertaining. All of us have spent some point in our lives holed up in some jerkwater town during shitty weather waiting to hear some bad news. My Bruges, per this metric, is Lexington, MA, and no, you don’t get to hear that story. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson play two Irish hitmen, holed up in Belgium after a hit gone wrong, comparing philosophies on life and hope. And don’t worry – some interesting stuff happens, too. This movie will make you guffaw in surprise at least twice and wince with your hand near your mouth at least once.

Paul Newman: The fucking man, that’s who.

Boston News Net: This past Saturday’s show was hilarious. The material’s pretty sharp, but the delivery’s what sells it: everyone in the cast has great wit and timing. They’re holding an election party on the night of the Presidential vote; I may stop in and drink with them.

Road to Perdition: I actually started watching this before hearing the news on Saturday, but I just finished it last night. A really solidly crafted film in every respect – beautifully shot, beautifully scored, beautifully acted. I don’t understand why this movie never took off in popularity. For my money, it should have been the next Shawshank.

The Ole Miss Presidential Debate: I have been doing a fairly good job of quarantining myself from election media, so Friday was the first time I’d heard Obama or McCain speak extemporaneously (should I put that last word in scare quotes? I’ve decided not to; the thought occurred to me).

(1) If politics, in a democracy, is the art of getting strangers to support something that cannot possibly benefit them, then Barack Obama is a very good politician.* John McCain isn’t, by Friday’s appearance and by his own admission: very few people like him or want to work with him. So Barack Obama can peddle shit with a glossier finish than John McCain can; this surprises no one. But that’s not what this, or any, election is about.

(2) Frankly, I’m reassured to know that Obama has no problem – and I mean none – invading former allies at the drop of a hat. Seriously, snap your fingers and airplanes start flying. You think he blurts out “Nuke London” if you startle him out of a sound sleep?

(3) People worry about John McCain dying early and leaving Sarah Palin as Commander-in-Chief. Relax. If Death pays McCain a visit in the Oval Office, McCain will defend himself with the venom sac in his left cheek.

* Getting strangers to support something that will benefit them just makes you a good broker. Selling that plan to everyone else? That makes you a politician. “Really, guys, corn subsidies are … um … good for the environment!”


2 Responses

  1. 1. Is your Lexington story high school debate related? It just seems everyone from the Mid-Atlantic up who did H.S. debate has a Lexington story.

    2. Re: Obama invading former allies — it’s dangerous to be an enemy of America, fatal to be an ally.

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