I’ve got a blanket in the back seat on my mind and a little place that sits beneath the sky

I spent 40 minutes agonizing over shoes in Payless on Tuesday – not because of choice paralysis or anything that sexy, but because I saw nothing I liked. Is that the Payless business model? To flood shelves with plastic crap so as to steer people toward the few high-end shoes? If so, bravo.

I bought a pair of sneakers then went next door to Target to get some dressier shoes. Not only did I almost instantly find a comfortable pair of brown leather business-casual shoes that I liked, but I found a superior pair of sneakers for less than I paid at Payless. So, back to Payless to make a return, then back once more to Target.

After jiu-jitsu that evening, Michelle and Vickie invited me over to watch Burn Notice. Michelle only recently introduced Victoria to the most fun show on TV, so reliving that joyful discovery made my night. Michelle hustled in, out of breath and excited, about forty minutes before I left. “Sorry I’m late,” she panted. “Burning a CD. Hi. Ooh, Burn Notice!”

I caught up with Catherine over drinks at the Enormous Room on Wednesday. I really like the lounge’s layout – it feels like the most exclusive loft party ever – but I do wish the DJ would keep it down. You can’t have a conversation if they’re playing their Clash/James Brown remixes at ear-splitting volume. Still, I managed to follow along as Catherine briefed me on law school, preppie high schools in Wellesley and the Brian Herbert Dune novels. I do not regret missing out on any of those.


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