gimme two minutes on the decks to freak out

Truck stop discovery on the route back from NYC: disposable DVDs. Seriously. You buy the DVD for $4 and it only plays for a couple of days. Then it becomes useless and you throw it out! I don’t quite know how to feel about it.

I went from South Station immediately to Central Square for some Gorefest rehearsal, apologizing to the cast for smelling like “bus depot.” While half the cast rehearsed music, Paul D., Robert W., Bryce and I followed Claire down the road to Goodwill for some costumes. I found some suitable shirts for my character and Paul found a zip-up track jacket that worked perfectly for his character.

“There’s a bit of a hole in it,” observed some random stranger. “They’ve got another one that’s good, though.” And he pulled an identical zip-up track jacket from deeper in the rack. Paul and Robert put them on as soon as we left the store and marched down the street with their hips out. Pics forthcoming.

I rested at home for a few hours before limping out to Steve G’s place in Arlington to record the demo tracks for the Gorefest CD. Despite my heavy exhaustion I felt in good voice – the songs lie comfortably in my range and I projected with energy. Steve only had to go to the Pitch Corrector, the menu option that makes Britney’s flat warbles sound like magic, three or five times. I consider that a success.


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