I’m on the straight line when the man comes around

The Station Agent: Peter Dinklage plays the coolest motherfucker on screen for the last … ten years? Twenty? And I mean that sincerely. Cooler than Danny Ocean, cooler than James Bond, cooler than anyone. I am not being sarcastic. I am not exaggerating for comic affect. I genuinely believe that, if you want to portray a cool cat on film, Peter Dinklage’s character – Fin – in The Station Agent should be your model.

The rationale: he portrays that supreme level of cool of a man who doesn’t want anything from anybody. Everyone around him radiates so much neediness – Joe the coffee wagon guy; Olivia the divorced artist – that they look like cartoons in comparison. But Fin passes casually by. If he’s lonely he doesn’t show it; if he’s uncertain he doesn’t show it. Sinatra may be cool; Peter Dinklage possesses the Buddha nature.

Seriously. Watch the scene where he meets Joe for the first time and orders a cup of coffee from him. That should be your staple for how cool guys ought to act on screen. Use it as a benchmark.

King of the Vagabonds: Part 2 of 9 of the Baroque Cycle. Epic, hilarious, picaresque and touching all at the same time.

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