ashes now be still

Friday’s media blow wasn’t enough? Then here’s some more, ALL UP IN YOUR AREA:

Good Omens: Lives up to the hype, quite possibly exceeding it. Pratchett and Gaiman writing together somehow smooth over the (trivial) quirks I have with both of them, creating a powerhouse of a novel. I almost never say a novel was too short, but another hundred pages distributed among the politics of the demonic / angelic hierarchy, or the Four Horsemen, or the lives of Them of Lower Tadfield, would not have gone to waste. I laughed out loud more than once.*

Transporter 3: Plausible in its ridiculousness, if that makes any sense. Only Jason Statham could pull this off, because he doesn’t try too hard to be cool or funny. He has this tired, put-upon look on his unshaven mug the whole time. “Oh, there’s an explosive bracelet strapped to my wrist. Great.” The plot has holes wide enough to drive an Audi S8 through**, but it moves at a pace such that you never mind. Worth renting, maybe.

Me Talk Pretty One Day
: Oh. So that’s what all the fuss was about.

The Incredible Hulk: Better than the 2003 Ang Lee version, though I’m not sure how. Even by superhero movie standards, the dialogue’s remarkably stiff – I expected better of the author of Elektra and X-Men: The Last Stand. But the pacing’s decent, the fight scenes are thrilling and Ed Norton clearly has some fun with his role.
* Except at the one line I’ve seen quoted most frequently from this book, which turned me off it for so long because it’s immensely trite. You know the one I mean. The “thousand sushi dinners cry out for vengeance” bit. That’s the least funny sentence in the book and somehow every Gaiman or Pratchett fan thinks it’s a howler worth putting in their .sig file. I got over it, but I needed a few quiet minutes.

** Including one which invalidates the point of Statham’s entire mission. I’ll discuss it in comments if you like.


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