everybody in the party doing dope slingin’

I throw myself into more opportunities now. Living alone and being an introvert, inertia would keep me bottled up unless I deliberately fought it. So I try to create new habits.

Case in point: I brought a camera to Liz’s surprise birthday party on Friday – a meticulously planned gathering in the ImprovBoston bar that had cupcakes, balloons and a surprise visit from Los Angeles. I don’t much like my current camera – it’s bulky, slow, unreliable and a bit of a battery hog. But I’ll never get better at photography unless I snap a lot of photos. I’m gradually becoming better at that style called “Facebook candid” – holding the camera at about sternum height and firing gets me a two-button profile of most people.

After a couple of miscues, the party migrated to the Independent in Union Square, where Mike M. had some folks gathered for his birthday. I floated between three and four drinks the entire evening – that comfortable level at which I lose self consciousness and become a social butterfly. TC – who was also celebrating his birthday – and his brother also showed up. God damn, this weekend had a lot of birthdays.

Saturday I did laundry, revisited HALO 2, then cleaned myself up to catch a hilarious 10:00 show at ImprovBoston. They started the show with the input “Easter Bunny,” leading to an awkward pause before Rachel R. stepped forward. “As a Jew, I never really celebrated Easter …”

Bullshit,” coughed Matt M.

“Well, okay, we did the chocolate and the eggs and all that …” Give some of Boston’s best improvisers license to talk about growing up Jewish and you’re in for a good time.

Dana and I rounded up a crew to go to Phoenix Landing after the show: Paul D., Casey W. and her roommate Kristen, and Taylor. We were promised a larger IB crowd meeting us there, but aside from a friend of Maile’s no one showed. We had a good time regardless – the crowd was smaller and seemed a bit more mature than the typical Friday night bunch. Still no shortage of sketchy guys, though: I had to fence Casey, Kristen and a late arriving Sara off from the usual Central Square crowd.

Sunday I did nothing. Two nights of adventures are plenty.


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