It snowed a lot this weekend.

Thursday we had the annual Yankee Swap at Internet, Inc. In our version (I don’t know that these are the default rules), you draw a wrapped present from the pile and decide (before opening it) to keep it or trade with someone else. The action stayed pretty sedate until the latter rounds, when all the good gifts were in the open.

As expected, more than half of the gifts contained alcohol or were alcohol-related (wine stoppers, glassware, etc). I had my eye on a bottle of Maker’s Mark and had a late enough number to claim it, but I knew someone else would readily take it from me. So I took a set of Guinness glasses and coasters instead. I then lost that gift five minutes later in exchange for a Best Buy gift card, which I kept until the end.

Friday was the actual Internet Inc. Christmas party at the Charles Hotel. Forgetting that dinner would be served at the party, I made myself some fish and rolls at home, then showed up fashionably late. Fortunately they’d just tucked in to the buffet when I arrived, so I got to lay a solid foundation of carbs before I started drinking. And let me assure you – I did a lot of drinking. When the VP of Marketing buys you a sambuca shot, you do not say no.

After trudging home in a blizzard, I resolved to leave the house as few times as possible that weekend. I only did twice. Once to Christopher’s on Saturday, to get a drink and watch the Ravens embarrass the Cowboys in their final game in Texas Stadium. Once to IB on Sunday to see the annual holiday show, a hilariously inappropriate send up of Santa, Christmas trees, Christmas songs and cookie dough.

# # #

Light on content today; sorry. I’m going to be in Baltimore through the weekend. You know how to reach me.


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