don’t mess with the professor

I updated the “About” page (props to Marie for the link).

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CVS occasionally spits out a coupon worth using, like five dollars off a purchase of $25 or more. Monday last week I decided to save myself a trip to Shaw’s and do my grocery shopping at CVS. I pushed a full-size grocery cart down the pharmacy’s narrow aisles, stocking up on bread and milk and some heat-and-eat entrees.

Come Wednesday evening, when snow fell in showers and I had nothing to eat but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or Tyson breaded cutlets, I no longer felt so clever. And I’d already had PB&J for lunch.

Things grew so desperate that, by Thursday evening – New Year’s Day – I was willing to hit up the Davis Square McDonald’s for variety. Fortunately, it was closed, compelling me to trudge a few more blocks until I found that Mr. Crepe was open.

# # #

My friend Aaron, a professional bartender, took a look at the Jack Benny and promised to work on it. After a few test drives and some customer feedback, he came up with the following:

1/4oz Benedictine
1/2oz Lime Simple Syrup
1/2oz Dolan Dry Vermouth
1 3/4oz Old Overholt Rye Whiskey
No Garnish

Stop by Drink at Fort Point and let me know how it tastes. I’ll be there myself soon.

# # #

With the crazy changes in weather lately, and more trips across the Charles than usual, I’ve spotted the weather lights atop the Hancock Tower a few times this past week. For non-Bostonians: the lit spire atop the Hancock lights up either red or blue, and either steady or flashing.

There’s a mnemonic that supposedly helps you remember what these lights mean:

Steady blue, clear view
Flashing blue, clouds due
Steady red, rain ahead
Flashing red, snow instead.

The problem: this is one of those useless mnemonics where the worthwhile information isn’t encoded in the rhymes. You can remember the rhyme scheme perfectly and still forget what the code means. I can never remember whether flashing blue means rain or clouds (“flashing blue, rain due?”).

Homer Simpson gives us a similar example:

When the fire starts to burn,
There’s a lesson you must learn.
Something something, then you’ll see:
You’ll avoid catastrophe!

As such, I ignore the old rhyme and remember the following:

Blue is better than red
Steady is better than flashing
Flashing red in the summer means the Sox game is canceled

# # #

Ed Reed! Pick six, baby!


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