du, du hast, du hast mich

I’m fortunate to have funny friends.

Shows at ImprovBoston can be touch and go (it’s a big theater; a lot of different groups perform there), but Three Hole Punch was one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen. Any of the four cast members could help carry a show in her own right. But the four of them have worked together for years and the chemistry that results makes for crackerjack improv. It doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes, either.

I forgot for a while what I enjoy second most about karaoke at Asgard – singing along with other people. Sitting in the audience having tied one or two on and just belting along to Smash Mouth or Boyz II Men or James Brown or who the hell ever. Singing with a bunch of other actors and singers in the audience used to give me performance anxiety. Still does, from time to time. But if I kick back and let myself relax, Wednesday night becomes the bridge that carries me through the week.

Last night I found out that the green belts in jiu-jitsu box better than I do. Even the green belts with neck and shoulder issues that prevent them from taking the full range of falls. They block better, move better and throw better combinations. Boxing’s not a tall man’s sport – reach might seem like an advantage, but it just opens up a whole mess of target areas down the front of the body. Remind me never to get into a boxing match.

Also I took an elbow to the forehead. This was later, though.


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