girls on film

Between Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening, I took 363 photos with my new camera.

I’ve never had any formal training in photography, so any progress I make comes from trial and error. My new camera – a Canon Powershot SD1100, for those of you just joining us – is a lot smarter than I am. It makes certain adjustments automatically, it finds faces – or what it thinks are faces – when focusing, and it ups the length of exposure when I shut off the flash. Between the camera and iPhoto ’08, it’s ridiculously easy for me to turn out photos I’m proud of. Provided I take a lot of them.

Trial and error’s good for me. I either figure things out quickly or abandon them in impatience – more so the latter than the former since I left high school. But sticking at a process through a long and repeated series of screw-ups builds character.

My current problem: figuring out the flash. I usually end up too close to my target for the flash to be worthwhile – the camera’s autofocus throws light over the dust in the air, leading to grainy splotches all over the final image. So I turn off the flash. This works fine for stationary images, but for moving targets – like the black belt test I spent Saturday photographing – it leads to a conflagration of artistic blurs.

So once I figure out the flash, and how to frame a shot, and what sorts of exposure settings I need, and how to adjust contrast without washing everyone out, and how to retouch a little more subtly, I should be good to go.

(People who know me on Facebook can see my photography efforts there)


2 Responses

  1. is that like 50 snaps a day? or 2 rolls worth in the old currency? you’re doing well!

    best way to learn I guess. Practice, practice, practice.

  2. Most of those first 300 were at the black belt demonstration I went to on Saturday.

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