I said whoa no, william and mary won’t do

Two things on writing:

First – Grub Street’s annual networking conference with agents and editors, The Muse and the Marketplace, falls the same weekend as my 10th high school reunion. I love you, Dons1, really I do, but I haven’t spoken to most of you in ten years. So … yeah. Good thing I didn’t buy those train tickets yet.

Second – Grub Street also offers manuscript consultations a few times a year. You pick someone to read 25 pages of stuff, choosing from a list of teachers, editors and published authors, and then meet with them on a Saturday to get feedback.

I e-mailed the first 25 pages of the novel I finished last year to Kate Flora. This past Saturday, we met for half an hour to talk about it.

I talk about her feedback in detail in this locked entry, whose password is the name of the town in which the story takes place2. Anyone who’s read the manuscript is welcome to take a look.

1 My high school mascot is a Spanish nobleman.

2 All lower case, two “t”s.


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