where can I find a woman like that?

Three blips on your radar:

The geniuses at Overthinking It kindly put up my rather dense screed on Cartesian dualism in Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl”. Read it and be enlightened!

You can expect more from me there in the future – hopefully some of it a bit lighter.

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Happy birthday, Charles Darwin!

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After complaining about how awesome Ted Leo and the Pharmacists sounded, and why oh why did you have to addict me to another indie darling, RJ burned me all of his EPs. I’ve been listening to them on every commute for the past couple of weeks. Right now I’m torn between Hearts of Oak and Shake the Sheets as my favorite album1.

Ted Leo might have come out of a lab. His lyrics are literate but scan perfectly (who else could make “ossify,” “historicity” and “apostasy” work like he does in “Bridges, Squares”?). The themes he hits are subversive without being preachy (consider “Criminal Piece” or “The One Who Got Us Out”). And he rocks with that perfect American flavor of Clash-style punk. If Elvis Costello grew up in Arlington, VA he’d front a band called the Pharmacists.

In fact, Ted Leo might be too clever for me. It was just this morning that I finally realized how subversive “Me and Mia” is. Oh, I get it. “Me and Mia, Ann and Ana.” Right2.

1 Although, isn’t the album dying out as a musical format? The weakness of an album has always been the varying quality of its songs. For every “Back in the U.S.S.R.” there’s a “Wild Honey Pie”; for every “U Can’t Touch This,” a “Let’s Go Deeper.” Since iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody – currently the market drivers – all let you buy songs piecemeal, why waste your money on filler tracks?

2 To be fair, you did warn me.


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