and it’s not the time to ossify

I talk about myself a lot on this weblog. So I’m going to switch things up on this awesome Friday and tell you about the excellent people in my life.

Top of the list is Rachel V, who’s been a dear friend for a ridiculous number of years now. Rachel’s been one of the best kind of friends – someone who not only listens to me when I need to vent but who also deflates me when I get too ridiculous.

If you want to learn more about Rachel, you should go see ImprovBoston’s anti-Valentine show, Thorns, this Saturday. You can also see her in MOSAIC, IB’s bizarrely creative Saturday evening sketch show.

I can always count on my man Serpico to bring a good time to whatever it is we’re doing. (That’s not his nickname, by the way – that’s the name he was born with) He’s a limitless font of energy. He’s got ridiculous enthusiasm for everything in his life, but most specifically improv, Boston College (our alma mater) and his girlfriend Kim.

If you want to learn more about Serpico, check out Nerds on Sports. The site used to have a pretty extensive roster of contributors – including yours truly – but everyone’s slowly dropped off except him. The man’s got staying power.

Two people I don’t see often enough: Neil R. and Lynne D. I include them here because they’re two of the smarter, funnier writers I know. And that’s not a compliment I pay to anyone. I’m a conceited ass when it comes to writing, because I think I’m King Kandy of Candy Land. But I’ve worked with these two and they’re better at it than I am. On the real.

Neil doesn’t update his weblog at Brackishwater nearly often enough (although the latest entry suggests he’s busy with more fulfilling projects). Lynne used to weblog a lot but doesn’t anymore, so your best chance to see her creativity is in MOSAIC (see above).

Finally, two people who continue to look after me, even when I don’t think I need it – which is when I especially do – are Fraley and Melissa. They go out of their way to make sure I still hang out with them, even now that they’ve moved all the way to Newton. They also gave me one of the most sincere honors I’ve ever had in my life by asking me to officiate their wedding this May. Marrying two of my best friends together is going to kick ass.

Neither of them writes online that often, although Melissa is also in MOSAIC*.

These people are all awesome in ways that I’d like to be. They don’t talk themselves up nearly enough, so I will.

* I planned this entry in my head and started writing it before realizing I’d be namedropping MOSAIC three times. It’s like the universe has conspired to force me to see that show.


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