strapped in the chair of the city’s gas chamber; why I’m here I can’t quite remember

Weekend adventures included:

  • Drinking at the Davis Square VFW in a benefit concert for the upcoming Avon walk for breast cancer research. Attendees too numerous to list: essentially, the entire Davis Square community on LiveJournal. I had plenty of beer and cheap gin – there’s no cheaper drinking than VFW drinking, let me tell you – and watched Provocateur do their usual electro-pop dance spectacular. Pictures available on Facebook.

  • Shouted myself hoarse over the soundtrack at The Field while drinking with Hawver, Fraley, Dave G., Melissa and Katie H. Hawver and I debated which country would become the next world superpower after oil took another price spike (my vote: Canada; his vote: nobody). The conversation wound its way to rock music, at which point we all listed our five essential rock albums. We all agreed on Appetite for Destruction.

    This gave me the opportunity to recount my favorite Axl Rose anecdote, as told by Sebastian Bach:

    I had just finished shooting Supergroup for VH1. It was on TV in America while we were gallivanting across Europe. We had a beautiful dinner at some incredible Italian restaurant. We are sitting there and I go, “Dude, I just shot this reality show for VH1 and they paid me this amount of money, man. It was fucking easy. It was only like two weeks. It was hilarious. Axl, if they paid me this amount of money, they’d pay you like a million bucks for 10 days of some shit.” He’s looking at me with this look on his face and he’s all quiet and he goes, “Sebastian, you don’t understand.” I go, “What?” He goes, “I will pay VH1 $2 million to leave me the fuck alone!”

  • Beating BioShock. Maybe I’ve missed out on some key developments in FPSs over the last five years, but the level design in BioShock seemed a little repetitive. You get within three feet of a goal in the first 10 minutes of the level, then some arbitrary wall is thrown in your path. So you have to backtrack through the level to get MacGuffins A, B and C, then you can advance the remaining 50 feet and fight the boss. Plus, the game would arbitrarily make the standard mooks that you run into more challenging at various points. I don’t mind facing harder enemies and having to upgrade my gear – I just mind when it comes without warning.

    That being said, it was rewardingly challenging, opulent in both graphic design and original score, and the rare type of video game that makes you think about the human social order. Expect more on that later.

  • Jiu-jitsu on Sunday. While my work schedule stays crazy, I’m taking advantage of the new open classes on Sundays. Aside from some initial cardio there’s no fixed format – you work on what you like for as long as you like. I’ve learned and practiced some pretty exciting wrist locks these past two weeks. Plus it gives me an active cornerstone to what might otherwise be a lazy day.


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