you don’t need no money with a face like that, do ya honey?

My iPod – the fourth generation model, 40 GB, no color display – had been freezing about once a week and requiring a hard reset. Last Friday it finally died while charging, giving me the iPod frown.

I’ll take it to the Geniuses to see if they can salvage it, naturally, but I had been thinking about upgrading my portable music solution anyway. So I turn to you, Internet, for advice.

Two questions:

  • First, if I do go iPod again, as I most likely will, which model should I get? I like the slim convenience of the Shuffle, but I don’t know if 500+ songs that I can’t choose from will be enough variety for me. Music controls my moods in a powerful way. I like to have lots of different playlists depending on what I’m going for – quiet reflection, pumped-up energy, just feeling like a cool cat, etc.

    So if I decide storage space trumps convenience, I may go for the Classic (80 GB). It’s more expensive, but I can experiment with watching videos on the train. Like the cool kids do.

    I’m not likely to go all the way for the iPod Touch, but you’re welcome to give feedback if you have one and love it.

  • Second, if I don’t go iPod, what non-Sony product would you recommend? CNet speaks well of the Sony NWZ-S738F, the Archos 605 and the (hyurrrech!) Zune. The folks at Consumer Reports like SanDisk and Creative. Your thoughts?


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