what’s this in my drink?

I worked from home on Monday with Internet Inc’s permission. This was about as fun an exercise as struggling with access to a remote intranet, on a Mac, using an earlier generation of Office, can be1. But I didn’t leave the apartment for an entire day – which is a fun exercise but, when you live in a one-room studio, a little tiring.

# # #

My work schedule has prevented me from getting to the library as often as I’d like, so I’ve broken one of the core rules of my 50 books a year plan: I’m re-reading a book. It’s a book I read within the last two years, even: Tim Powers’ Declare. In my defense, Declare is a dense enough book that it’s not as if I know exactly what’s coming on a second read-through. And I’ve been busy. And who asked you, anyway? Huh?

# # #

I’ve got another post up on Overthinking It today: Can You Hear Me Running: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in the Music Videos of Mike + the Mechanics. I put far, far too much effort into turning two unrelated music videos – “Silent Running” and “All I Need is a Miracle” – into one story.

It’s not the best thing they have on the site currently, but it’s some good Overthink.

1 I know I technically didn’t need any of those commas.


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