and when you try to make plans, god is known to laugh

1. Saturday a week, I found a ring thick with keys in the parking lot behind the CVS in Davis Square. I was on my way to meet Vickie and Rachel V., so I couldn’t really do anything with them. I considered stopping in at the CVS, but the parking lot’s not associated with that store. Also, I don’t know if they have a dedicated lost-and-found or a rigorous procedure for night staff notifying day staff that hey, someone turned in some keys. Logical next step: the cops, I suppose.

2. Last night, I threw on my leather jacket and grabbed an umbrella to get some JP Licks. They sell ice cream for $1 a scoop on Opening Day, so I got two scoops of Oreo cookie batter. I put a little paper cone on the cup of ice cream then, juggling my umbrella and the cup, walked back home. Getting back into my apartment, I realized that my hat had fallen out of my pocket at some point. My Kangol 504, 2XL, navy blue. Cursing like a pregnant sailor, I stuck the ice cream in the freezer, put my shoes back on, and immediately retraced my steps all the way to JP Licks. I asked at the counter: no one had turned in a hat. Scanning the ground in frustration, I walked home again, scrutinizing every dark shape lying on the sidewalk.


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