no, nothing, no woman need matter, no change

Why does dinner theatre get such a bad rap? Is it the quality of the food? The calibre of the actors? I haven’t taken in a lot of dinner theatre myself, but I saw Bad Habit Productions charming performance of All in The Timing in the back room of the Burren this past Sunday and loved it. Jonathan Overby remains one of my favorite local performers, and Anna and Daniel (the directors) had a clear and interesting vision. Plus, I got to eat a burger, drink some Guinness and snack on the Burren’s thick, salty steak fries. The best way to watch a play, really.

. . .

Just a reminder: you can also check out my articles on Overthinking It, now that I’m a staff writer there. I also take part in the podcasts pretty regularly, which are always fun to listen to. Like last week’s, where Mark, Pete and I talk about hospital dramas, The Matrix and North Korea’s communications satellite.


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