used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do so the little got more and more

Muse and the Marketplace isn’t all I did this weekend, though.

On Saturday, I saw Flat Earth Theatre put up 12 Angry Jurors at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. Afterward, Rachel V., Orit, Rachel’s MOSAIC co-star Josh and I had appetizers and beers at Donohue’s.

Orit: I’m trying to think of a way to work a jury trial into my [3rd and 4th grade] class now.
Professor: Just wait until one of your kids does something wrong – which has already happened – and voila!
Josh: Or you could just accuse one of doing something. They’ll know what they did.
Rachel: Ooh, ooh. You could torture one of them until they confess. Because that always works.

Donohue’s keeps one big-screen set tuned to IAmTV at all times. IAmTV shows an award-winning lineup of wakeboarders, BASE jumpers and girls in bikinis around the clock. Finally, television for audiences that find Two and a Half Men too hard to follow.

On Sunday, after writing, eating dinner and recording an Overthinking It podcast, I stopped by ImprovBoston for some beers and pizza. Harry G., Ryan the Intern, Kevin H. and I spent several minutes idling in the hallway, shooting nonsense at each other.

Harry: Anyone want to buy some heroin? I’ve got six bags of it.
Ryan: Yes, please.
Professor: Yeah, because heroin’s sold by the bag. A giant trash bag of heroin, just sloshing around.
Kevin: That’s our new improv troupe name: ‘Sloshing Bags of Heroin.’
Harry: Our first show’s nothing but West Roxbury junkies and undercover cops.
Professor: (Boston accent, into collar mic) Yeah, 10-22, guys, it’s just a feckin’ improv troupe.

I don’t see Harry as often as I should. Somebody fix that.


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